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ASoft .NET Version Detector 14.3のダウンロード


  • Version 14.3 has been extended with more details in the reports (txt/xml).
    It now contains the CLR versions that are installed and also the CLR version per framework.
    This allows users to see; which CLR version it belongs to in the reports as well.

jQuery EasyUI 1.3.6ダウンロード



  • treegrid: The ‘getChecked’ method can not return correct checked rows. fixed.
  • tree: The checkbox does not display properly on async tree when ‘onlyLeafCheck’ property is true. fixed.
  • treegrid: All the selecting and checking methods are extended from datagrid component.
  • linkbutton: The icon alignment is fully supported, possible values are: ‘top’,’bottom’,’left’,’right’.
  • linkbutton: Add ‘size’ property, possible values are: ‘small’,’large’.
  • linkbutton: Add ‘onClick’ event.
  • menubutton: Add ‘menuAlign’ property that allows the user set top level menu alignment.
  • combo: Add ‘panelAlign’ property, possible values are: ‘left’,’right’.
  • calendar: The ‘formatter’,’styler’ and ‘validator’ options are available to custom the calendar dates.
  • calendar: Add ‘onChange’ event.
  • panel: Add ‘method’,’queryParams’ and ‘loader’ options.
  • panel: Add ‘onLoadError’ event.
  • datagrid: Add ‘onBeginEdit’ event that fires when a row goes into edit mode.
  • datagrid: Add ‘onEndEdit’ event that fires when finishing editing but before destroying editors.
  • datagrid: Add ‘sort’ method and ‘onBeforeSortColumn’ event.
  • datagrid: The ‘combogrid’ editor has been integrated into datagrid.
  • datagrid: Add ‘ctrlSelect’ property that only allows multi-selection when ctrl+click is used.
  • slider: Add ‘converter’ option that allows users determine how to convert a value to the slider position or the slider position to the value.
  • searchbox: Add ‘disabled’ property.
  • searchbox: Add ‘disable’,’enable’,’clear’,’reset’ methods.
  • spinner: Add ‘readonly’ property, ‘readonly’ method and ‘onChange’ event.

Scientific Linux 7 Alpha ダウンロード

SL-7-x86_64-DVD.iso (6,377MB), SL-7-x86_64-netinst.iso(392MB)


JBoss Overlord 1.1.0.Beta1 ダウンロード




  • Maven facade (early preview)
  • Many doc improvements
  • Moved from jline to aesh



  • Jetty 8 Support
  • New Admin UI to manage Workflow Triggers
  • Notification Service email templates can now come from S-RAMP



  • New UI to replace previous Gadget Server approach
  • Integration with Elasticsearch and Kibana for analytics

Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Lunaダウンロード


  • Oracle ADF Tools
  • Oracle Cloud Tools
  • Oracle Coherence Tools
  • Oracle Database Tools
  • Oracle MAF Tools
  • Oracle WebLogic Server Tools
  • GlassFish Tools

Eclipse SDK 4.4 ダウンロード



  • Platform:
  • Migration Wizard: Building on the changes introduced in M5 to detect changes in shared installs, Eclipse now includes a migration wizard to help users through the re-ininstallation of their plug-ins.
  • This wizard is presented in two situations. First, when a read-only installation of Eclipse is being changed (i.e. Eclipse is being updated or plugins are added / remove), second when a new read-only installation of Eclipse is run for the first time.
  • BIDI Text Direction: New API has been added to allow text direction to be set independent of the widget orientation. For more info see Snippet 364.
  • New SWT color constant for hyperlinks: A new constant (SWT_COLOR_LINK_FOREGROUND) has been added that will return the native color of hyperlinks on all platforms.
  • Whole word option on File Search page: The File Search page now allows to search for words via a new option.
  • Open Search dialog on last used page: The Search dialog can now be configured to open on the last used page, instead of computing the best matching page based on the current selection:
  • JDT:
  • ‘Convert to if-!-return’ Quick Assist: Ever encountered a long if statement that can be safely inverted to an early return, so that you can ignore the code that follows, and make it easier to understand? Now, you can just use a Quick Assist (Ctrl+1) on the if statement to do this refactoring.
  • Package names are linked in Javadoc hover and view: You can now click individual package names displayed in the header of the Javadoc hover or the Javadoc view to see the package Javadoc.
  • Javadoc and Declaration view indicate when out of sync: The Javadoc and Declaration view now indicate when their content is no longer in sync with the current selection.
  • Only one JUnit (4.11): The org.junit bundle has been updated to JUnit 4.11. At the same time, our good old friend org.junit_3.8.2 has been retired, and the org.junit4 compatibility bundle has also been removed. Your Require-Bundle: entries should just point to org.junit;bundle-version=”4.11.0″ (or an earlier version, if you like). Note that JUnit 4 still contains the JUnit 3 APIs. If you need org.junit_3.8.2 back for whatever reason, you can still get it from Orbit.
  • Improved evaluation of generics while debugging: Significant improvements have been made in the debug evaluation engine to support the use of generics. This impacts the use of conditional breakpoints, the display view, the expressions view, and the inspect/display/execute actions. Previously, evaluations acting on classes with generics would sometimes encounter compilation errors.
  • API to contribute location information for non-standard JRE / JDK libraries: JDT Debug now provides an extension point org.eclipse.jdt.launching.libraryLocationResolvers that you can use to contribute location information for non-standard JRE / JDK libraries. For example, this extension point can be used to provide Javadoc and source locations for JARs in the ext location of a JRE. Extenders must provide an implementation of org.eclipse.jdt.launching.ILibraryLocationResolver which can provide package roots, source paths, Javadoc locations and index locations for a library.
  • PDE:
  • API Tools Analysis and Freeze tasks can run with unresolved bundles: The API Tools Analysis and API Freeze Ant tasks will now process bundles with resolver errors such as missing dependencies. This means you can now get analysis results for an incomplete product. The Ant tasks produce reports based on a reference baseline and a profile. Previously both the baseline and the profile had to describe complete products. Any bundle that had resolver errors due to missing dependencies would be skipped. Now these bundles will be processed. Resolver errors can affect the results, therefore a list of resolver errors is included in the XML output and warnings are added to the HTML report. To return to the old behavior of skipping unresolved bundles, you can set processunresolvedbundles=”false” on your Ant task.

検索エンジンとウェブアプリ Milkode1.8.0 ダウンロード



  • Keyboard shortcuts
    • ‘s’ .. Focus search bar
    • ‘S’ (Select text) .. Search using a selected text with new tab
  • Add help of keyboard shortcut
  • Hide the favorite list if it is empty
  • Support for filtering by package name in ‘f:*’ search
  • Support :home_font_size attribute in milkweb.yaml

PHP 5.6.0 RC1 ダウンロード


JBoss Tools Integration Stack 4.1.5.Final







  • BPEL Designer – Orchestrating your business processes.
  • BPMN2 Modeler – A graphical modeling tool which allows creation and editing of Business Process Modeling Notation diagrams using graphiti.
  • Drools – A Business Logic integration Platform which provides a unified and integrated platform for Rules, Workflow and Event Processing.
  • JBoss ESB – An enterprise service bus for connecting enterprise applications and services.
  • Fuse Apache Camel Tooling – A graphical tool for integrating software components that works with Apache ServiceMix, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel and the FuseSource distributions.
  • jBPM3 – A flexible Business Process Management (BPM) Suite – JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform 5.3.x compatible version.
  • Modeshape – A distributed, hierarchical, transactional and consistent data store with support for queries, full-text search, events, versioning, references, and flexible and dynamic schemas. It is very fast, highly available, extremely scalable, and it is 100% open source.
  • Savara (JBoss Tools only) – A tool for ensuring artifacts defined at different stages of the software development lifecycle are valid against each other, and remain valid through the evolution of the system.
  • SwitchYard – A lightweight service delivery framework providing full lifecycle support for developing, deploying, and managing service-oriented applications.
  • Teiid Designer – A visual tool that enables rapid, model-driven definition, integration, management and testing of data services without programming using the Teiid runtime framework.

My Visual Database 1.41 ダウンロード


Create a full functional user interface in minutes without writing any code. Using a powerful Report Designer, you can easily create your own report. The result of your design will be full-fledged Windows application, ready to work on any computer.