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Eigen 3.2 のダウンロード


a built-in supernodal sparse LU solver adapted from SuperLU,
a rank-revealing sparse QR factorization with numerical column pivoting,
a RealQZ factorization, a GeneralizedEigenSolver,
a Ref<> class allowing to write non-templated functions taking various kinds of Eigen dense objects without copies

Alaya Webdav Server 1.0のダウンロード


Alaya is a primitive chrooting webserver with basic webdav support. It can serve https and http, can authenticate using pam or /etc/shadow or /etc/passwd, or using it’s own authentication files that allow for ‘native’ users that only have access to alaya content. It’s intended to be a simple method of sharing content over webdav, and though it can be configured with a config file it’s easy to configure by command-line switches alone.

fio 2.1.2のダウンロード


# yum install libaio-devel
# wget
# tar zxvf fio-2.0.7.tar.gz
# cd fio-2.0.7
# make && make install
# fio hoge.ini
# fio -filename=/tmp/data -direct=1 -rw=read -bs=4k -size=10G \
-group_reporting -name=file1 -numjobs=4 -runtime=60 \
# cat fio.txt
file1: (g=0): rw=randwrite, bs=4K-4K/4K-4K, ioengine=sync, iodepth=1

SmartGit/Hg 4.6.2のダウンロード


SmartGit/Hg 4.6.2 (2013-08-07)
New Features, Improvements
– Git:
– Blame: “Changes Since”-highlighting is derived from “read-only”
background color to be compatible with dark schemes
– Fetch More: offers “changes/” refs to allow checking out individual
changes from Gerrit
– Git-Flow Finish Hotfix: merging to develop became optional
– Set Tracked Branch: trackable branches are sorted naturally
– Submodule Reset: is applicable on working-tree and index-modified

Fixed Bugs
– Git:
– Log, Reveal Commit: did not work for refs which were not part of the
history of the currently selected refs
– Merge: in case of conflicts submodules were not reset
– Pushable Commits (Git-Flow): internal error in case of certain feature-
– Push (To): pushing a tag also tried a diverged check
– Set Tracked Branch: HEAD was offered as trackable branch
– SVN:
– Push: a file deletion might create a new empty directory in the repository
– GUI:
– Clone: internal error entering one or more blanks for Repository URL and
clicking Next
– Gravatar: problems with e-mail addresses containing upper-case characters
– Changes view: possible internal error
– Linux:
– Docking: layout was not remembered
– Ubuntu: Java 1.6 could be used though Java 1.7 was installed
– OS X:
– Preferences, External Tool definition: *.app as command was rejected
– Log: might not be refreshed correctly after manipulating repository in
project window
– Windows 7: pinned status bar icon changed after update

htmLawed 1.2 Beta3のダウンロード


htmLawed is a PHP script that makes input text more secure, HTML standards-compliant, and suitable in general from the viewpoint of a Web-page administrator, for use in the body of HTML 4 or XHTML 1 or 1.1 documents. It is a customizable HTML/XHTML filter, processor, purifier, and sanitizer. It can ensure that HTML tags are balanced and properly nested tags, neutralize code that may be used for cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and limit the allowed HTML elements, tags, attributes, or URL protocols.

Apache Flex 4.10.0のダウンロード

The Apache Flex 4.10.0 SDK allows application developers to build expressive web and mobile applications using MXML for layout and ActionScript 3, an ECMAScript based language for client-side scripting.

The Apache Flex 4.10.0 release contains many improvements that professional software development teams will appreciate. This advances the framework forward. It is truly becoming one of the best cross-platform programming languages used to write applications that are testable and can be compiled to run on multiple technology platforms from a single set of code.

QCAD 3.2.0のダウンロード

Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7, 8
32bit / 64bit
QCad はシンプルな操作でプロ並みの図面が描ける 2D CAD システムです。 多くの CAD で使われている DXF ファイル形式で読み込み、保存できます。 HP-GL の読み込み、EPS の出力も可能です。

chrony 1.29のダウンロード


chrony is a client and server for the Network Time Protocol (NTP). This program keeps your computer’s clock accurate. It was specially designed to support systems with intermittent Internet connections, but it also works well in permanently connected environments.


Chrome Eraserのダウンロード

Google Chrome の設定内容をデフォルトに戻し、尚且つブックマーク / 履歴 / 拡張機能 / プラグイン 等の
データを一括消去してくれます。 データは消去せずに、設定内容のみをリセットする機能も付いています。

gNewSense 3.0のダウンロード

gnewsense-live-3.0-amd64-gnome.iso (1,118MB, MD5torrent).