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Exponent CMS 2.2.1のダウンロード


PHP 5.5.1のダウンロード





  • Core:
    • Fixed bug #65254 (Exception not catchable when exception thrown in autoload with a namespace).
    • Fixed bug #65088 (Generated configure script is malformed on OpenBSD).
    • Fixed bug #65108 (is_callable() triggers Fatal Error).
    • Fixed bug #65035 (yield / exit segfault).
    • Fixed bug #65161 (Generator + autoload + syntax error = segfault).
    • Fixed bug #65226 (chroot() does not get enabled).
    • hex2bin() raises E_WARNING for invalid hex string.
  • OPcache:
    • Fixed bug #64827 (Segfault in zval_mark_grey (zend_gc.c)).
    • OPcache is now compatible with LiteSpeed SAPI.
  • CGI:
    • Fixed bug #65143 (Missing php-cgi man page).
  • CLI server:
    • Fixed bug #65066 (Cli server not responsive when responding with 422 http status code).
  • DateTime:
    • Fixed bug #65184 (strftime() returns insufficient-length string under multibyte locales).
  • GD:
    • Fixed bug #65070 (bgcolor does not use the same format as the input image with imagerotate).
    • Fixed bug #65060 (imagecreatefrom… crashes with user streams).
    • Fixed bug #65084 (imagecreatefromjpeg fails with URL).
    • Fix gdImageCreateFromWebpCtx and use same logic to load WebP image that other formats.
  • Intl:
    • Add IntlCalendar::setMinimalDaysInFirstWeek()/intlcal_set_minimal_days_in_first_week().
    • Fixed trailing space in name of constant IntlCalendar::FIELD_FIELD_COUNT.
    • Fixed bug #62759 (Buggy grapheme_substr() on edge case).
    • Fixed bug #61860 (Offsets may be wrong for grapheme_stri* functions).
  • OCI8:
    • Bump PECL package info version check to allow PECL installs with PHP 5.5+.
  • PDO:
    • Allowed PDO_OCI to compile with Oracle Database 12c client libraries.
  • Pgsql:
    • pg_unescape_bytea() raises E_WARNING for invalid inputs.
  • Phar:
    • Fixed bug #65142 (Missing phar man page).
  • Session:
    • Added optional create_sid() argument to session_set_save_handler(), SessionHandler and new SessionIdInterface.
  • Sockets:
    • #63472Setting SO_BINDTODEVICE with socket_set_option.
    • Allowed specifying paths in the abstract namespace for the functions socket_bind(), socket_connect() and socket_sendmsg().
    • Fixed bug #65260sendmsg() ancillary data construction for SCM_RIGHTS is faulty.
  • SPL:
    • Fixed bug #65136RecursiveDirectoryIterator segfault.
    • Fixed bug #61828Memleak when calling Directory(Recursive)Iterator/Spl(Temp)FileObject ctor twice.
    • Added PHP_FCGI_BACKLOG, overrides the default listen backlog.

Map Grabber 1.2.3 のダウンロード


Map GrabberはGoogleマップやBingマップなどの地図サイトに表示された地図を広範囲に取り込みたいという人にお勧めのツールです。地図を取り込むには、Map Grabberを起動してブラウザーで地図サイトを表示します。

Dia 0.97.2のダウンロード


Dia is inspired by the commercial Windows program ‘Visio’, though more geared towards informal diagrams for casual use. It can be used to draw many different kinds of diagrams. It currently has special objects to help draw entity relationship diagrams, UML diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and many other diagrams.




・アイコン数678種類 色違いのアイコンを含めると、全 2103 種類

tourweaver 7.5のダウンロード

Tourweaver では多数のパノラマ写真を導入し、簡単にバーチャルツアーを作成することができます。更にただボタンをクリックするだけで、様々の動作を付けたりすることができます。コード知識は一切不要となります。できたバーチャルツアーはiPhone/iPadでも閲覧することができます。

PhoneGap 3.0 のダウンロード




Adobe PhoneGap 3.0 Released
What’s New in Cordova iOS 3
Introducing Cordova 3 for Android

Basic device information:
$ cordova plugin add

Network and battery status:
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add

Accelerometer, compass, and geolocation:
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add

Camera, media capture, and media playback:
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add

Access files on device or network:
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add

Notifications via dialog box or vibration:
$ cordova plugin add
$ cordova plugin add

$ cordova plugin add

$ cordova plugin add

Splash Screen:
$ cordova plugin add

In-app browser:
$ cordova plugin add

Debug console:
$ cordova plugin add

Yeti 0.2.24のダウンロード




  • Report root cause of Selenium/WebDriver errors that occur during browser launching.
  • Allow WINDOWS as a platform name in the --browser launch option for Selenium.
  • Add new Sauce Labs platform names: Windows XPWindows 7Windows 8OS X 10.6, and OS X 10.8.
  • Add Client-Side Yeti Integration (Generic Driver) for using Yeti to automate other frameworks.
  • Add --name option to label JUnit XML tests for display in Jenkins merged test reports.
  • Display friendlier session names in the Sauce Labs dashboard. Uses Jenkins-providedBUILD_TAG environment variable, if available, to distinguish Sauce sessions between different builds.
  • Update request and graceful-fs dependencies.


You can upgrade now by running npm install -g yeti. Learn more about Yeti at

AjaXplorer 5.0.2のダウンロード

AjaXplorer is an open source alternative to saas « Box » solutions for the enterprise, instantly turning any server into a file sharing platform. Access and share documents from anywhere through a powerful web interface, or with dedicated iOS and Android applications.

AjaXplorerは、FTPを介しないでWebサーバ上のファイルを管理するためのPHPのリッチクライアントブラウザです。 一般的なファイル操作、オンラインでのzip閲覧、テキストファイルとイメージプレビューなどの機能が実装されています。

jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 のダウンロード


We now have a tool to let you build you own custom bundle that contains only the components you need. The builder will generate a custom JavaScript and both a full and structure-only theme stylesheet for production use.

Demos & docs | Download & CDN | Change log

CDN-Hosted JavaScript:

CDN-Hosted CSS:


<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

ZIP File:

Microsoft CDN hosted jQuery Mobile files:

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