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GanttProject 2.6 のダウンロード


GanttProjectは、Javaで書かれたプロジェクト管理アプリケーションであり、ガントチャート、リソース管理、カレンダー、インポート/エクスポート(MS Project, HTML, PDF, スプレッドシート)の機能があります。

IMAPFilter 2.5.5 のダウンロード


IMAPFilterは、Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)を使ってリモートのメールサーバに接続し、検索クエリをサーバへ送信し、結果に基づいてメールボックスを処理します。

haveged 1.7c のダウンロード


The haveged project is an attempt to provide an easy-to-use, unpredictable random number generator based upon an adaptation of the HAVEGE algorithm. Haveged was created to remedy low-entropy conditions in the Linux random device that can occur under some workloads, especially on headless servers. Current development of haveged is directed towards improving overall reliablity and adaptability while minimizing the barriers to using haveged for other tasks.

RPhoto 0.4.3 のダウンロード


RPhoto is a handy image editor to simplify cropping of digital camera pictures and avoid white borders introduced by incorrect height/width ratios.

Apache Nutch 2.2 のダウンロード


* NUTCH-1576 Need to keep hotStore.flush() exception catching (James Sullivan via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1577 Add target for creating eclipse project (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1545 capture batchId and remove references to segments in 2.x crawl script. (Feng)
* NUTCH-1575 support solr authentication in nutch 2.x (Feng)
* NUTCH-1569 Upgrade 2.x to Gora 0.3 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1243 Junit jar removed from lib (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1249 and NUTCH-1275 : Resolve all issues flagged up by adding javac -Xlint argument (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1513 Support Robots.txt for Ftp urls (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1053 Parsing of RSS feeds fails (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1563 FetchSchedule#getFields is never used by GeneratorJob (Feng)
* NUTCH-1573 Upgrade to most recent JUnit 4.x to improve test flexibility (lewismc)
* Added crawler-commons dependency in pom.xml (tejasp)
* NUTCH-956 solrindex issues: add field tld to Solr schema (Alexis via lewismc, snagel)
* NUTCH-1277 Fix [fallthrough] javac warnings (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1514 Phase out the deprecated configuration properties (if possible) (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1273 Fix [deprecation] javac warnings (lewsimc + tejasp)
* NUTCH-1031 Delegate parsing of robots.txt to crawler-commons (tejasp)
* NUTCH-346 Improve readability of logs/hadoop.log (Renaud Richardet via tejasp)
* NUTCH-1501 Harmonize behavior of parsechecker and indexchecker (snagel + lewismc)
* NUTCH-1551 Improve WebTableReader field order and display batchId (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1552 possibility of a NPE in index-more plugin (kaveh minooie via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1547 BasicIndexingFilter – Problem to index full title (Feng)
* NUTCH-1389 parsechecker and indexchecker to report truncated content (snagel)
* NUTCH-1419 parsechecker and indexchecker to report protocol status (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1038 Port IndexingFiltersChecker to 2.0 (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1532 Replace ‘segment’ mapping field with batchId (patches v2 + v3) (Feng +via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1533 Implement getPrevModifiedTime(), setPrevModifiedTime(), getBatchId() and setBatchId() accessors in (Feng via lewismc)
* NUTCH-XX fix Elastic Search Ivy configuration (Binoy d via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1542 “adddays” param for generator not present in 2.x (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1393 Display consistent usage of GeneratorJob with 1.X (Lufeng +via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1540 Add Gora buffered read and write maximum limits to nutch-default.xml configuration. (lewismc)
* NUTCH-842 AutoGenerate WebPage code (jnioche via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1536 Ant build file has hardcoded conf dir location (zm via lewismc)
* NUTCH-XX remove unused db.max.inlinks property in nutch-default.xml (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1284 Add site fetcher.max.crawl.delay as log output by default (tejasp)
* NUTCH-1453 Substantiate tests for IndexingFilters (lufeng via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1274 Fix [cast] javac warnings (tejasp via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1516 Nutch 2.x pom.xml out of sync with ivy.xml (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1510 Upgrade to Hadoop 1.1.1 (markus)
* NUTCH-1503 Configuration properties not in sync between FetcherReducer and nutch-default.xml (snagel + lewismc)
* NUTCH-1394 backport NUTCH-1232 Remove site field from index-basic (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1370 Expose exact number of urls injected @runtime (ferdy, snagel and lewismc)
(includes commit for NUTCH-1471 make explicit which datastore urls are injected to)
* NUTCH-1484 TableUtil unreverseURL fails on file:// URLs (Rogério Pereira Araújo via snagel)
* NUTCH-1451 Upgrade automaton jar to 1.11-8 (lewismc)
* NUTCH-1496 ParserJob logs skipped urls with level info (Nathan Gass via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1488 bin/nutch to run junit from any directory (snagel via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1493 Error adding field ‘contentLength’=” during solrindex using index-more (Nathan Gass via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1491 Strip UTF-8 non-character codepoints in title (Nathan Gass via markus)
* NUTCH-1421 RegexURLNormalizer to only skip rules with invalid patterns (snagel)
* NUTCH-1433 Upgrade to Tika 1.2 (jnioche)
* NUTCH-1087 Deprecate crawl command and replace with example script (jnioche)
* NUTCH-874 Make sure all plugins in src/plugin are compatible with Nutch 2.0 and Gora (part 1) (Kiran Chitturi via lewismc)
* NUTCH-1344 BasicURLNormalizer to normalize https same as http (snagel)
* NUTCH-706 Url regex normalizer: pattern for session id removal not to match “newsId” (Meghna Kukreja via snagel)

Apache Nutch はオープンソースの Web 検索エンジン。「検索エンジン Lucene +全文検索 Solr + Web クローラー+スコアリング(Page Rank)+分散実行の仕組み」が Nutch。ちなみに検索インデックスを作成&格納するための mapper / reducer および分散ファイルシステムが Nutch から spin out したのが話題の Hadoop。

Close All Windowsのダウンロード

「Close All Windows」は、ウインドウクローズ支援ソフトです。実行するだけで、デスクトップ上に開いている全てのウインドウを一括終了させることができます。ウインドウを片付けたい時はもちろん、“ ボス来たソフト ” 的な感じでも使えるかと思います。


j-shutdown を起動すると、現在の時刻が「予定時間」という欄に表示されたウインドウが立ち上がります。
この「予定時間」とは、Windows を終了する予定時間のことです。


「TOff」は、様々な条件設定を行うことができるシャットダウンタイマーツールです。 特定の日時 / マウスやキーボードの操作が一定時間行われなかった時 / ネットワーク通信が一定時間
行われなかった時 に、パソコンを自動で終了させることができます。



Ascii Designのダウンロード