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Apache S4 0.6.0を無料でダウンロード


[S4-54] – script can’t be executed on cygwin
[S4-55] – s4-piper can‘t be executed success on cygwin
[S4-64] – S4-piper cannot be built on RHEL 5 Linux
[S4-68] – PE Prototypes are created from a Thread with the wrong ClassLoader
[S4-90] – “unchecked or unsafe operations” warning
[S4-98] – Remove duplicate Key class
[S4-103] – Inconsistent Event API on streamName/streamId
[S4-105] – Incorrect method implementation in org.apache.s4.core.Stream
[S4-106] – OverloadDispatcherGenerator generates a lot of files under the /tmp folder
[S4-107] – zkClient connect timeout when deploy application
[S4-109] – TCPEmitter#send() should return false when it doesn’t send a packet across
[S4-111] – Deployment fails getting the .s4r file from the web
[S4-112] – Gradle doesn’t resolve dependencies when they are partially in the maven repository
[S4-116] – Multiple bindings of RemoteEmitters in DefaultCommModule
[S4-120] – User singleton scope for injections that should have a unique instance
[S4-123] – Fix incomplete javadoc in AbstractSlidingWindowPE + other javadoc updates
[S4-126] – Log two times when error happens during create App
[S4-127] – S4 status error due to invalid parsing
[S4-128] – s4r task ignores appName parameter
[S4-129] – s4 node ignores zk parameter from the command line
[S4-130] – csv output for metrics not working


[S4-8] – Blocking stream queues in cluster mode
[S4-48] – When Emitter buffers fill up, enable App-specific behavior to drop/block/throttle input
[S4-59] – Resource loading from the S4 node classpath
[S4-62] – Multithreaded Streams
[S4-66] – S4R packaging: improve app class resolution
[S4-73] – Remove appsDir concept
[S4-76] – Remove unused appId identifiers
[S4-79] – Validate -appClass parameter of s4r command
[S4-94] – Update kryo to version 2
[S4-95] – Performance improvements
[S4-96] – Log uncaught exception in spawned threads
[S4-99] – Provide injectable load shedding mechanism
[S4-102] – Add facilities for accessing partition information from the application
[S4-108] – Share ZooKeeper client connections from S4 nodes
[S4-117] – Improve initialization and bootstrapping
[S4-118] – Check whether the app class exists when build s4r file
[S4-119] – Publish S4 maven artifacts on public maven repository
[S4-122] – Add debug option for s4 tools

New Feature

[S4-5] – Prototype app builder
[S4-83] – S4 command for preparing S4 projects for IDEs: eclipsify|idealize etc..
[S4-86] – Metrics


[S4-97] – Add a build task for easily running Apache Creadur/Rat
[S4-124] – Update documentation for 0.6.0 release


Apache Jackrabbit 2.6.2のダウンロード

New features
[JCR-3534] Efficient copying of binaries across repositories with the …
[JCR-3550] Methods for determining type of array of values

[JCR-3402] getSize() returning too many often -1
[JCR-3531] Borrow all available RepositoryHelpers
[JCR-3596] Reduce level for ‘overwriting cached item’ log messages in …

Bug fixes
[JCR-3543] TCK does not allow a property to be re-bound to a different …
[JCR-3595] AbstractJournal logging is too verbose


Mongoose Web Serverのダウンロード



LiteSpeed ​​Web のダウンロード


lighttpd や litespeed、mongrel など、興味深い Web サーバー実装が全盛です。これらの Web サーバーは、パフォーマンスや管理の容易さ、移植性、セキュリティー、その他関連する価値をさまざまに組み合わせ、独特の機能を誇っています。


class Demo {
private Object obj1 = new Object();
private Object obj2 = new Object();

public void methodA() {
//some code
synchronized(obj1) {
i ++;


public void methodB() {
//some code
synchronized(obj2) {
j ++;


* @param cityStr
* @return
public static CityType changeValFunc(String cityStr)
Integer type;
try {
type = Integer.parseInt(cityStr);
catch(Exception e)

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