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TweetDeck Portable 3.3.8 のダウンロード

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

MyTrashCan 1.5.7のダウンロード

Win2000 / XP / Vista

Google Chrome 35.0.1897.2 devのダウンロード


Google Chrome 34.0.1847.76 ベータ のダウンロード


Google Chrome 33.0.1750.154のダウンロード


PostgreSQL 9.3.4のダウンロード


# Changes
* Fix WAL replay of locking an already-updated tuple
* Restore GIN metapages unconditionally to avoid torn-page risk
* Avoid race condition in checking transaction commit status during receipt of a NOTIFY message
* Allow materialized views to be referenced in UPDATE and DELETE commands
* Allow regular-expression operators to be terminated early by query cancel requests
* Remove incorrect code that tried to allow OVERLAPS with single-element row arguments
* Avoid getting more than AccessShareLock when de-parsing a rule or view
* Improve performance of index endpoint probes during planning
* Use non-default selectivity estimates for value IN (list) and value operator ANY (array) expressions when the righthand side is a stable expression
* Remove the correct per-database statistics file during DROP DATABASE
* Fix walsender ping logic to avoid inappropriate disconnects under continuous load
* Fix walsender’s failure to shut down cleanly when client is pg_receivexlog
* Check WAL level and hot standby parameters correctly when doing crash recovery that will be followed by archive recovery
* Fix test to see if hot standby connections can be allowed immediately after a crash
* Add read-only data_checksums parameter to display whether page checksums are enabled
* Prevent interrupts while reporting non-ERROR messages
* Fix memory leak in PL/Perl when returning a composite result, including multiple-OUT-parameter cases
* Fix tracking of psql script line numbers during \copy from out-of-line data
* Fix contrib/postgres_fdw to handle multiple join conditions properly
* Prevent intermittent “could not reserve shared memory region” failures on recent Windows versions
* Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2014a for DST law changes in Fiji and Turkey, plus historical changes in Israel and Ukraine.

Scite 3.4.0 のダウンロード


FreewareFiles Direct Download


  • The Unicode line ends and substyles features added as provisional in 3.2.5 are now finalised. There are now no provisional features.
  • Added wrap mode SC_WRAP_WHITESPACE which only wraps on whitespace, not on style changes.
  • SciTE find and replace strips can perform incremental searching and temporary highlighting of all matches with the find.strip.incremental, replace.strip.incremental, and find.indicator.incremental settings.
  • SciTE default settings changed to use strips for find and replace and to draw with Direct2D and DirectWrite on Windows.
  • SciTE on Windows scales image buttons on the find and replace strips to match the current system scale factor.
  • Additional assembler lexer variant As(SCLEX_AS) for Unix assembly code which uses ‘#’ for comments and ‘;’ to separate statements.
  • Fix Coffeescript lexer for keyword style extending past end of word. Also fixes styling 0…myArray.length all as a number. Bug #1583.
  • Fix crashes and other bugs in Fortran folder by removing folding of do-label constructs.
  • Deleting a whole line deletes the annotations on that line instead of the annotations on the next line. Bug #1577.
  • Changed position of tall calltips to prefer lower half of screen to cut off end instead of start.
  • Fix Qt bug where double click treated as triple click. Bug #1575.
  • On Qt, selecting an item in an autocompletion list that is not currently visible positions it at the top.
  • Fix bug on Windows when resizing autocompletion list with only short strings caused the list to move.
  • On Cocoa reduce scrollable height by one line to fix bugs with moving caret up or down.
  • On Cocoa fix calltips which did not appear when they were created in an off-screen position.

Samsung Smart Switch 2.2.14032.3 のダウンロード


Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

Samsung Smart Switch is a handy program that facilitates the transfer of all data from other smart phones to Samsung mobile devices.
The intuitive interface is simple to use and makes transferring your contacts, media, personal data, and apps hassle-free.
Samsung Smart Switch also features a Smart App Matching and Recommendation function that allows you to quickly find the apps you are looking for without dredging through the hundreds of thousands of apps available on Google Play.





try (BufferedReader bfd = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(new FileInputStream(file), StandardCharsets.UTF_8));){
String str;
List<String> lineLst = new ArrayList<>();
while ((str = bfd.readLine()) != null) {
} catch (IOException e) {

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