mIRC 7.29のダウンロード


– SSL certificate hashes are now stored in the servers.ini file for all certificates and a warning is displayed if a certificate has changed since the last connection.
– An issue with the /help command not displaying the correct location of a search term has been fixed.
– The /run command has been changed to improve backward compatibility with older scripts.
– The way the Escape key works has been changed so that it clears the contents of the current editbox if the “Escape key minimizes window” option is not enabled.
– A /hotlink bug that prevented hotlink popup menus from being displayed has been fixed.
– The maximized window position is now saved correctly when the “on startup minimize mIRC to tray” option is enabled.
– Urls in your own messages are now once again saved to the urls list.
– An issue with the “Hide tips when locked” option, that caused tips to flicker briefly in view, has been fixed.
– The editbox buffer feature has been improved and should now work more reliably in different contexts.
– The /vol -v command now correctly sets the master volume on newer versions of Windows.
– Other changes and bug fixes.