Coowon Browser のダウンロード

Download the Online Installer: … taller.exe
Download the Offline Installer: … .5.4.0.exe


Based on Chromium 31.0.1650.63 stable.
Builtin extension Coowon Bookmarks.
Builtin extension Lightshot, a famous free screenshot and edit/share tool.
Credits-contributors page which lists the people who helped the browser become better, thanks to them and whoever supported the browser improvement.
Three different themes “Chrome Standard”, “Square classic” and “Metro”.
Multiple language including German Russian Japanese and Traditional Chinese.
Gamepad button to map keyboards on Logitech gamepads and other Xbox compatible gamepads.
Bosskey setting to hide browser window quickly.
Game hack cheats Bot.
Game Speed Control.
Game Accelerator.
Welcome page.
Mouse Gesture.
Drag To Go(generate QR Code.).
Reopen Closed Tab.
Double Click To Close Tab.
Mouse Record & Play.
Excellent mouse gesture appearance and functionality.
Support install offline or online.
Options to disable/enable auto upgrade.
New API coowon.getPixelColor for our developer easily work.
Translucent window mode, you can find the button at the up-right corner.