SlimBrowser 6.00.081のダウンロード


  • Added option to start a new rendering process upon closing all tabs. This option is enabled by default and will release all the memory used by the previous rendering process when the last tab is closed.
  • Added support for web form spell checking in German, Italian, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Bug fix: installing some skins will cause SlimBrowser window to freeze.
  • Adopted new multiple process architecture. Each tab is hosted in a separate process for improved application stability and security.
  • When one tab crashes, you will have the chance to restore this same tab to the original URL. The other tabs will not be affected.
  • By default, all tabs share the same session. However, you can open a separate session by selecting File->New->Separate Session. This will allow to you login multiple web accounts at the same time.
  • You can dynamically switch rendering mode without restarting the browser. Use Tools:Compatibility Setting menu to specify the rendering mode for the current page.
  • Favorite site icon is now shown in the address bar instead of default web page icon.
  • IMPORTANT: SlimBrowser now has independent home setting from Internet Explorer. Please set SlimBrowser homepage in Tools:options:homepage.
  • A quick-dial page will be shown by default when creating a new tab. This option can be changed in Tools:options:new tab which provides three choices: tabs page, home page and blank page.
  • Added warning when the last visible toolbar is hidden. Also, at startup, the menu bar will be shown automatically if all toolbars are hidden during last session.
  • Added “New Tab(+)” button on the tab bar.
  • Added menu “View:Compact Mode” so that you can easily switch a compact mode UI which provides a mini menu button instead of a full menu bar.
  • Show loading animation on the tab when a web page is being downloaded.
  • Save screen shot of web page via File->Save Screenshot.
  • Bug fix: can’t open new windows from inside flash object when popup blocker is enabled.