SlimBrowser 5.01のダウンロード


Build 038

  • Bug fix: fixed incorrect interpretation of some javascript links.
  • language file updates.

Build 035

  • Fixed share on twitter menu function.
  • Fixed Chinese-Japan-Korean language message box autowrap issue.

Build 034

  • Fixed crash when clicking special folders in the folder bar.

Build 033

  • Bug fix: Resize checkbox controls properly after translation in Windows XP.
  • Bug fix: web page translation fails to update properly.
  • Updated language files.

Build 030

  • New way to close tabs conveniently: close tabs on the left, close tabs from the same domain.
  • Bug fix: size and position popup windows opened by javascript correctly.
  • Bug fix: help button on download manager option page not working.

Build 029

  • Bug fix: crash upon building links bar.

Build 027

  • Bug fix: log file is now also removed upon cleaning history.

Build 026

  • Bug fix: online feedback page failed to fill in configuration information automatically.

Build 023

  • Bug fix: side pane size not properly saved in some cases.
  • Complete Polish language added.

Build 022

  • Bug fix: Context menu not working when browsing files from UNC path. Couldn’t open files from UNC path.

Build 021

  • Bug fix: Active pane in explorer bar not saved properly at exit
  • Bug fix: download manager history not saved properly

Build 017

  • Bug fix: autologin not working for some sites.

Build 016

  • Bug fix: some in-page shortcuts not working with IE9
  • Automatic memory optimization.

Build 015

  • Improved support for IE9.

Build 013

  • Performance improvement: reduced program exiting time.
  • Bug fix: The & symbol is now displayed on links bar correctly.

Build 012 and earlier

  • Added built-in support to share the active page with a single click over various social networking channels, web services and web emails. Accessible via menu “Tools:Share this page”. You can also right click on a tab and select “Share this page” from the context menu. The same features can be accessed from the corresponding buttons on the standard toolbar. Existing users need customize the toolbar to see the new buttons.
  • Added interface to facebook so that you can easily share the active page, selected text within the active page or update your status on facebook. Accessible from menu “Tools:Facebook” or the corresponding toolbar buttons.
  • Added facebook support to in-page shortcut menu to make sharing picture and text easier. You can right click on a picture and share it on facebook. You can aslo select a piece of text and share it. Look for the new menu items from in-page context menu.
  • Added “Download with download manager” into in-page shortcut menu when you right click on a link. It helps you invoke download manager easily even if you have it turned off by default.
  • Added option to bypass certain file types such as office documents and PDF files for download manager.
  • Add option to automatically pass unresolvable address to specified search engine. This option is customizable in “Tools:options:address bar”.