Opera 21 Developer (21.0.1432.5)のダウンロード



  • DNA-16648 Adblock not working properly when opening pages in new tabs
  • DNA-16764 [Win] After dragging tab with flash and dropping it anywhere flash plays only sound, frame is black with no video or controls
  • DNA-17214 Tab shaky behavior (harlem shake)
  • DNA-17260 Remove blacklisting and inline installation flags
  • DNA-17294 Fix Polish specific letters in Polish names in opera://about/thanks
  • DNA-17359 Opera crashes when trying to resume canceled/removed download by extension
  • DNA-17498 Crash after using custom server for autofill heuristic
  • DNA-17541 Flip default buttons in Invalid Certificate dialog
  • DNA-17548 Crash on startup in >extensions::OneShotEvent
  • DNA-17556 download callout items won’t open
  • DNA-17595 Dragging an item in a bookmarks bar folder crashes Opera
  • DNA-17601 [Mac] Opera freezes when adding browser action extension from private window
  • DNA-17611 [Mac] Overlapping tabs after dragging a tab out of and next into a tab bar (regression)
  • DNA-17616 Fraud warning page shows “Opera Software” instead of “Yandex”
  • DNA-17722 [Windows] Tone down mixed content graphics