Star Sonata 2 6.23.14ダウンロード


  • This week’s update will focus on some minor tweaks to the Nexus, a change to the TSL transfer cost formula and a change to the trade bay GUI. Keep reading to find out more!
  • I got quite a bit of developer feedback on the latest iteration of the Volcom side of the Nexus since I completely reworked it — and with feedback comes a lot of little bugs and tweaks that can be made. One of the biggest ‘problems’ I had with the new Pirate tutorial is that it lacked any sort of story motivation. So I came up with a fairly quick story to rectify that! The new Volcom tutorial focuses on running an Earthforce Blockade of the Mutara Nebula in order to meet up with the Volcom pirates. It’s not a groundbreaking story, but it definitely adds a bit more flavor into the introductory experience.
  • I’ve also taken care of a lot of smaller balance and mission issues that cropped up during our latest round of testing. Overall, the goal is to make it much harder to to get stuck and to encourage exploration. Even though the new Nexus has launched with the universe reset, I’ll be continuing to make changes and tweaks as more feedback comes in — so definitely give feedback on the experience so we can get it as polished as possible before the Steam launch!
  • As we’ve been working on the Nexus we’ve also constantly been thinking about the TSL. One thing that can be extremely confusing about Star Sonata to a new player is how to handle storage of items they don’t need on their main ship — but they don’t want to throw away. It’s not the most intuitive concept to buy a new ship, keep it docked and fill it full of stuff. We used that as motivation to make some changes to the TSL. The first went in a while back; it was changing the name of the station tab from TSL to Storage. That change was added to address new player comprehension. It’s much easier to figure out that the Storage Tab is for storing stuff, TSL isn’t going to have any meaning to them.
  • Secondly, for a bank, the TSL was prohibitively expensive. Moving it around the universe just cost WAY too much for a low level player for it to function as an adequate bank. The previous formula is as follows.
  • The old formula counted the number of transfers you made throughout the universe and it got more expensive each time you moved it. It also charge a fairly prohibitive base cost — and it really wasn’t needed. As a team we decided if we’re going to encourage the use of TSL, it definitely needed to be a bit cheaper. The new cost formula only takes item values into account.
  • This drastically reduces the cost to transfer items with your TSL. During testing costs for ~10M worth of gear dropped from over 100M to transfer to around 1M. This change should make the TSL infinitely more usable for newer players.
  • Another very big design principle we’ve been adhering too as we’ve reworked the Nexus was to remove clutter as much as possible. We’ve been trying to cut away all the unnecessary UI elements that only serve to confuse new players. One of the biggest offenders was the Trade tab. The shear quantity of items in the trade bays in the Nexus was a bit overwhelming for new players — so we’ve been taking steps to remedy that. Firstly, Jeff worked on giving us a way to specify which categories of items should appear in the trade bays. That way we can remove item types like Misc, Base and Cloaks which a new player doesn’t really need to know about and would only find confusing. While this worked well, it didn’t entirely alleviate the confusion since it left behind entirely blank trade tabs. To fix this, I’ve worked on a change so a base will only display item tabs in the trade bay that have items listed in them! This will also make player shops a bit less cluttered so it’s really a change that affects both high and low level players.