Opera 25.0.1606.0 Dev/24.0.1558.53 のダウンロード



  • CHR-456 Basic memory allowance infrastructure.
  • CHR-2136 Native Theme Win is missing functionality
  • CHR-2180 [Mac] WP1 support for MP3 decode on OSX
  • CHR-2387 Plugins crash or freeze survival scenario WP1
  • CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
  • CHR-2856 Make it possible to use ffmpeg from system
  • CHR-2908 Sync’s push invalidation’s authentication
  • CHR-2967 Update chromium on master to 38.0.2121.3
  • CHR-2993 Make sure that the Chromium sync testserver is capable of serving requests outside of localhost
  • CHR-3012 Local Storage Limit support.
  • * DNA-18224 sliding bar animation could be improved
  • * DNA-18314 Dragging links to tab bar doesn’t work properly
  • * DNA-18728 No double click protection on sign in dialog if the username and password is not prefilled
  • * DNA-18776 Progress bar animation still visible in download popup when the download is quickly cancelled
  • * DNA-20008 Restart with old profile very slow on Mac
  • * DNA-20879 Button labels 1px to low in settings buttons
  • DNA-22719 Scheduled autoupdate fails with authenticated proxy set up at system level
  • * DNA-22926 Re-enable URLOverridesManifestTest
  • * DNA-22983 ExtensionManagementTest.AutoUpdate* fails on notification_listener.finished()
  • * DNA-23038 Invalid cert dialog hijacks tab switch shortcut
  • * DNA-23072 Fallback tiles for Speed Dial and Bookmark show punycode for IDNs
  • * DNA-23096 Extensions get new message
  • DNA-23626 opera:extensions throws on reload