Opera 25.0.1613.1 Dev のダウンロード



  • CHR-1758 [MemUsage][BinarySize] Remove unused glyph name tables to reduce binary size (~60 KB)
  • CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support
  • CHR-2963 [Win] Windowed flash plugin does not resize properly after loosing fullscreen mode.
  • CHR-2978 [Win] Closing windowed fullscreen flash from taskbar does not restore it’s content to origin rect.
  • DNA-20924 Make the network installer verify that the package it downloaded is not of an earlier version than itself
  • * DNA-21537 “Parent does not report element as one of its children” error while checking search engines icons with Accessibility Inspector
  • * DNA-21851 [Mac 10.10] Full screen button empty space
  • * DNA-22117 [Mac] ExtensionBrowserTest.PluginLoadUnload timeouts
  • * DNA-22372 [ru], [zh-CN], [zh-TW], [ko], [th], [bn] Insecure Content String doesn’t fit the badge for certain languages
  • * DNA-22373 [ru] Insecure Content String doesn’t fit the callout for certain languages
  • DNA-22388 [Windows] Tab menu – Refactor TabStripView and TabView
  • DNA-22567 [Tools] Sugar bowl – Testsuite
  • * DNA-22827 Missing value for AXTitle, AXDescription or AXTitleUIElement – Task manager table
  • DNA-24324 No network installer application in alltests package
  • * DNA-24494 Executing ‘Clear browser…’ options from detached developer window crashes Opera
  • * DNA-24654 [Linux] minimized windows show blank preview content in Unity
  • * DNA-24684 [Win] Black bar across Opera during startup
  • * DNA-24708 [Linux] Save As dialog does not get keyboard focus
  • * DNA-24710 [Linux] Audio controls from context menu don’t work
  • * DNA-24740 No update response for update requests sent to https://clients2.google.com/service/update2/crx
  • * DNA-24800 [Win] Video orientation metadata ignored in WIN8
  • * DNA-24824 Discover is not always loaded for the new start page
  • DNA-24900 Tab with start page should be reused when opening internal pages
  • * DNA-24902 Bookmark popup in fullscreen mode is unhinged
  • * DNA-25158 [NPAPI] After opening video in new tab it’s impossible to pause video on YT
  • * DNA-25187 creation of CanPlayType tests for rapid regression findings
  • DNA-25188 Extend the speed dial API
  • * DNA-25206 Autofill fails to fill in associated password if multiple logins are saved for the page
  • * DNA-25229 [Mac] Unclickable download icon when downloaded file is not found
  • * DNA-25248 [Installer] Terms of service missing