KDevelop 5.5がリリース


Improved C++ language support

  • Fix missing header guard warning for a standalone header being always present. (commit)
  • Don’t crash when signatures don’t match in AdaptSignatureAssistant. (commit)
  • Clazy: add configurable predefined checkset selections. (commit)
  • Clang-tidy: add configurable predefined checkset selections. (commit)
  • Don’t get confused when encountering parse errors in default args. (commit. See bug #369546)
  • Fix ClangUtils::getDefaultArguments when encountering macros. (commit. fixes bug #369546)
  • Skip clang-provided override items from code completion. (commit)
  • Unbreak move-into-source for non-class functions. (commit)
  • Lambda init captures are visited starting with clang 9.0.0. (commit)
  • Try a bit harder to find types for look-ahead completion. (commit)