Mesa 20.0-RC3 とMesa 19.3.4ダウンロード


Dylan Baker (4):
.pick_status.json: Update to d8bae10bfe0f487dcaec721743cd51441bcc12f5
.pick_status.json: Update to 689817c9dfde9a0852f2b2489cb0fa93ffbcb215
.pick_status.json: Update to 23037627359e739c42b194dec54875aefbb9d00b
VERSION: bump for 20.0.0-rc3

Eric Anholt (1):
Revert “gallium: Fix big-endian addressing of non-bitmask array formats.”

Georg Lehmann (3):
Correctly wait in the fragment stage until all semaphores are signaled
Vulkan Overlay: Don’t try to change the image layout to present twice
Vulkan overlay: use the corresponding image index for each swapchain

Hyunjun Ko (1):
freedreno/ir3: put the conversion back for half const to the right place.