Percona Server 5.6.12-60.4 RC2 のダウンロード


New Features:

Bugs Fixed:

  • mysql_install_db did not work properly in debug and Valgrind builds. Bug fixed #1179359.
  • Fixed yum dependencies that were causing conflicts in CentOS 6.3 during installation. Bug fixed #1051874.
  • The RPM installer script had the server’s datadir hardcoded to /var/lib/mysql instead of using my_print_defaults function to get the correct datadir info. Bug fixed #1181753.
  • Fixed the upstream bug #68354 that could cause server to crash when performing update or join on Federated and MyISAM tables with one row, due to incorrect interaction between Federated storage engine and the optimizer. Bug fixed #1182572.
  • Fixed the compiler warnings caused by Atomic write support for Fusion-io devices feature when building Percona Server on non-Linux platforms. Bug fixed #1189429.