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Percona Server 5.6.11-60.3,5.6のダウンロード


Bugs fix
Transaction objects are now allocated calling calloc() directly instead of using InnoDB heap allocation. This may improve write performance for high levels of concurrency. Bug fixed #1185686.
Under very rare circumstances, deleting a zero-size bitmap file at the right moment would make server stop with an I/O error if changed page tracking is enabled. Bug fixed #1184517.
Missing path separator between the directory and file name components in a bitmap file name could stop the server starting if the innodb_data_home_dir variable didn’t have the path separator at the end. Bug fixed #1181887.
Changed page tracking used to hold the log system mutex for the log reads needlessly, potentially limiting performance on write-intensive workloads. Bug fixed #1171699.
Incorrect schema definition for the User Statistics tables in INFORMATION_SCHEMA (CLIENT_STATISTICS, INDEX_STATISTICS, TABLE_STATISTICS, THREAD_STATISTICS, and USER_STATISTICS) led to the maximum counter values being limited to 32-bit signed integers. Fixed so that these values can be 64-bit unsigned integers now. Bug fixed #714925.
Server would crash if an INNODB_CHANGED_PAGES query is issued that has an empty LSN range and thus does not need to read any bitmap files. Bug fixed #1184427.
Query to the INNODB_CHANGED_PAGES table would cause server to stop with an I/O error if a bitmap file in the middle of requested LSN range was missing. Bug fixed #1179974.
A warning is now returned if a bitmap file I/O error occurs after an INNODB_CHANGED_PAGES query started returning data to indicate an incomplete result set. Bug fixed #1185040.

MySQL 5.6.12 GA のダウンロード


Bugs Fixed

Incompatible Change: When used for an existing MySQL account, the GRANT statement could produce unexpected reults if it included an IDENTIFIED WITH clause that named an authentication plug differing from the plugin named in the corresponding mysql.user table row.

Because IDENTIFIED WITH is intended for GRANT statements that create a new user, it is now prohibited if the named account already exists. (Bug #16083276)

Important Change; Replication: When the server was running with –binlog-ignore-db and SELECT DATABASE() returned NULL (that is, there was no currently selected database), statements using fully qualified table names in dbname.tblname format were not written to the binary log. This was because the lack of a currently selected database in such cases was treated as a match for any possible ignore option rather than for no such option; this meant that these statements were always ignored.

Now, if there is no current database, a statement using fully qualified table names is always written to the binary log. (Bug #11829838, Bug #60188)

InnoDB; Partitioning: Joins involving partitioned InnoDB tables having one or more BLOB columns were not always handled correctly. The BLOB column or columns were not required to be join columns, or otherwise to be named or referenced in the statement containing the join, for this issue to occur. (Bug #16367691)

InnoDB: In debug builds, an online ALTER TABLE operation that performed a full table copy would raise an assertion. The assertion was due to a race condition that would occur during BLOB retrieval, when applying the table modification log to any log block except for the very last one. This fix modifies row_log_table_apply_convert_mrec() to ensure that an index B-tree lock is acquired to protect the access to log->blobs and the BLOB page. (Bug #16774118)


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<c:if test=”${(age < 19) || (age > 29}”>

Apache S4 0.6.0を無料でダウンロード


[S4-54] – script can’t be executed on cygwin
[S4-55] – s4-piper can‘t be executed success on cygwin
[S4-64] – S4-piper cannot be built on RHEL 5 Linux
[S4-68] – PE Prototypes are created from a Thread with the wrong ClassLoader
[S4-90] – “unchecked or unsafe operations” warning
[S4-98] – Remove duplicate Key class
[S4-103] – Inconsistent Event API on streamName/streamId
[S4-105] – Incorrect method implementation in org.apache.s4.core.Stream
[S4-106] – OverloadDispatcherGenerator generates a lot of files under the /tmp folder
[S4-107] – zkClient connect timeout when deploy application
[S4-109] – TCPEmitter#send() should return false when it doesn’t send a packet across
[S4-111] – Deployment fails getting the .s4r file from the web
[S4-112] – Gradle doesn’t resolve dependencies when they are partially in the maven repository
[S4-116] – Multiple bindings of RemoteEmitters in DefaultCommModule
[S4-120] – User singleton scope for injections that should have a unique instance
[S4-123] – Fix incomplete javadoc in AbstractSlidingWindowPE + other javadoc updates
[S4-126] – Log two times when error happens during create App
[S4-127] – S4 status error due to invalid parsing
[S4-128] – s4r task ignores appName parameter
[S4-129] – s4 node ignores zk parameter from the command line
[S4-130] – csv output for metrics not working


[S4-8] – Blocking stream queues in cluster mode
[S4-48] – When Emitter buffers fill up, enable App-specific behavior to drop/block/throttle input
[S4-59] – Resource loading from the S4 node classpath
[S4-62] – Multithreaded Streams
[S4-66] – S4R packaging: improve app class resolution
[S4-73] – Remove appsDir concept
[S4-76] – Remove unused appId identifiers
[S4-79] – Validate -appClass parameter of s4r command
[S4-94] – Update kryo to version 2
[S4-95] – Performance improvements
[S4-96] – Log uncaught exception in spawned threads
[S4-99] – Provide injectable load shedding mechanism
[S4-102] – Add facilities for accessing partition information from the application
[S4-108] – Share ZooKeeper client connections from S4 nodes
[S4-117] – Improve initialization and bootstrapping
[S4-118] – Check whether the app class exists when build s4r file
[S4-119] – Publish S4 maven artifacts on public maven repository
[S4-122] – Add debug option for s4 tools

New Feature

[S4-5] – Prototype app builder
[S4-83] – S4 command for preparing S4 projects for IDEs: eclipsify|idealize etc..
[S4-86] – Metrics


[S4-97] – Add a build task for easily running Apache Creadur/Rat
[S4-124] – Update documentation for 0.6.0 release


Apache Jackrabbit 2.6.2のダウンロード

New features
[JCR-3534] Efficient copying of binaries across repositories with the …
[JCR-3550] Methods for determining type of array of values

[JCR-3402] getSize() returning too many often -1
[JCR-3531] Borrow all available RepositoryHelpers
[JCR-3596] Reduce level for ‘overwriting cached item’ log messages in …

Bug fixes
[JCR-3543] TCK does not allow a property to be re-bound to a different …
[JCR-3595] AbstractJournal logging is too verbose


Mongoose Web Serverのダウンロード



LiteSpeed ​​Web のダウンロード


lighttpd や litespeed、mongrel など、興味深い Web サーバー実装が全盛です。これらの Web サーバーは、パフォーマンスや管理の容易さ、移植性、セキュリティー、その他関連する価値をさまざまに組み合わせ、独特の機能を誇っています。


class Demo {
private Object obj1 = new Object();
private Object obj2 = new Object();

public void methodA() {
//some code
synchronized(obj1) {
i ++;


public void methodB() {
//some code
synchronized(obj2) {
j ++;


* @param cityStr
* @return
public static CityType changeValFunc(String cityStr)
Integer type;
try {
type = Integer.parseInt(cityStr);
catch(Exception e)