Total Commander 8.50 b14のダウンロード

Fixed: Command line, “cd” command: Ignore all spaces before double quote, e.g. cd “TEMP” (32/64)
– Fixed: Shift+F5 didn’t support leading spaces in the name (trailing spaces are removed by design) (32/64)
– Fixed: Unreachable network share shown in one panel, user inserts USB stick -> hangs (32/64)
– Fixed: Edit file with spaces in the name from RAR archive, save -> re-packing failed (32/64)
– Fixed: Could not open files inside hard links containing a relative path (without \\ or c: at the start) on Windows 7/8 (32/64)
– Fixed: Crash unpacking RAR file without extension (32/64)
– Fixed: Function “Verify after copy” re-added by popular demand (32/64)
– Fixed: Duplicate file finder, same plugin fields: Ignore files where an empty string is returned, e.g. [=tc.comment] with no comment (32/64)
– Fixed: 64-bit and combined installers did not contain TotalCommander.URL file (64)
– Fixed: Network share shown in both panels, click on “Apply” in main configuration dialog while share unreachable -> 4 error dialogs, the second two non-modal (32/64)
– Fixed: Compare by content: Ignore ini setting “CompareTool” when calling TC via parameter /S=C, to avoid infinite loops when CompareTool points again to Total Commander (32/64)
– Added: Support environment variables in synchronize dirs (left and right paths) (32/64)
– Fixed: Could no longer enter protected folders like c:\PerfLogs (32/64)
– Fixed: Crash in duplicate file finder when using plugin fields not present in a file (e.g. [=tc.Versionstring]) (32/64)
– Added: Faster read of folders with many subfolders when overlay icons are disabled (check whether folder is shared only when displaying the icon) (32/64)