Windows管理ツールTotal Commander 8.50 beta3のダウンロード

– Fixed: Quick search: Changed cursor positioning, so it should also work with Korean (64)
– Fixed: Checkboxes/Radio buttons misaligned in lister search dialog and pack dialog (32/64)
– Fixed: Copy progress dialog: Click on files or bytes copied while paused -> number of bytes copied wrong (32/64)
– Added: Auto re-upload of files on FTP or plugin: Warn user if he is editing a file which was a partial download (32/64)
– Added: Auto re-upload of files to FTP or file system plugin when saved (F3/F4) is now disabled by default, user will be asked on first use whether he wants to enable it
– Fixed: Access violation in function Load/Save in “Find Files” if the saved name was longer than 248 characters (32/64)
– Fixed: Drag&Drop any URL from a browser to TC -> no file list refresh (32)
– Fixed: Packer password not remembered when unpacking with Alt+F9 instead of Enter+F5 (32/64)
– Fixed: RAR.EXE 5.0 expects file names in ANSI or Unicode format, no longer in DOS format (32/64)
– Fixed: The warning exclamation mark background wasn’t drawn transparently, so a white background could be seen with some themes (32/64)
– Fixed: Clicking on icon to select a file didn’t work in second, third etc. column in brief view (32/64)
– Fixed: Support unpacking of 7zip archive with multiple passwords with F5: The user can try all the passwords until it works (32/64)
– Fixed: Unpack from 7zip archive with multiple passwords – infinite loop asking for the password (64)
– Fixed: Lister, context menu “Search with Google”: Not working in UTF-8 files (32/64)
– Fixed: Lister, context menu “Search with Google”: Support URLs up to 1023 characters long, was limited to about 230 (32/64)など