Multi Commander 3.5 Build 1500のダウンロード


ADDED – File coloring rules editor for creating rule on how files should be colored. (Multiple profiles supported)

	REMOVE- Old file coloring system removed, configuration of it will be converted to ColorRules automatically.
	ADDED - New delete progress window that shows more information.
	ADDED - Save Clipboard dialog will now remember format from previous time.
	CHANGE- Replace RegEx engine used with one that is more Perl compliant.(Used in Search/MultiRename/Script)
	ADDED - MultiRename now support [F] tag to add the folder name of the folder that the file is located in.
	ADDED - MultiRename tool can now reset filelist with currently selected items.
	ADDED - MultiRename now support regular expressions in the Search/Replace part.
	ADDED - Windows Control Panels can now be access from the tools menu (And can be assigned to hotkeys)
	ADDED - Find Open Files Windows can not stop a service processes that has a file opened
	ADDED - Inline rename can now more to previous/next item using up/down keys or return (optional)
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+N/Ctrl+E for selecting name/extension
	ADDED - Inline rename supports Ctrl+U/Ctrl+L to convert to upper/lower case
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers expanded state between starts
	ADDED - Find Files dialog remembers the search filter between restarts.
	ADDED - Viewing a file from the file search result will now also transfer over the find by content (if any) to the viewer.
	FIXED - File search using to/from date matches do now correct the time for the current timezone correctly.
	ADDED - MultiDataViewer will now remember maximized size/position between runs.
	ADDED - The Main drive bar can be configured to be placed on its own toolbar line.
	ADDED - Can now get the raw LIST result from the FTP (access from the context menu)
	FIXED - FTP Transfer issue if buffer size was too large.
	FIXED - FTP Problem when listing root folder on some servers
	FIXED - Hang that should happen during file copy in rare situations
	FIXED - Very rare hang issue that could happend if a copy operation was aborted.
	FIXED - Settings panel will use same font settings thatis set for the Explorer Panel
	ADDED - Command line command ":winerr " that display the error message for internal windows error codes.
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.FileSearch.Search now support parameters like ATTRIBUTES/TIME/TIMEFROM/TIMETO
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.CloseAllTabs now support LEFTONLY/RIGHTONLY as parameter
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.SetColoringRules NAME=ProfileName
	ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Explorer.RefreshColoringRules 
	ADDED - MultiScript debugger window will now show log output
	ADDED - MultiScript function to sort string/num in an array "$arr2 = ArraySort($arr)"
	ADDED - MultiScript can now replace substring using RegEx. ( StrRegExpReplace( ... ) )
	ADDED - MultiScript function "DeleteFile/DeleteFiles" now support the option "AUTOCLOSEPROGRESS"
	FIXED - MultiScript now handle spaces inside a syntax better
	FIXED - MultiScript initializing a string array using single quote not works again.
	FIXED - 12 Crash issue reported by Crash report system
	SDK   - Beta SDK is out - Look in the online forum for more information