LibreOffice 4.2.0のダウンロード

Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8
LibreOfficeは自由でかつオープンソースのオフィススイートです。Windows、Macintosh、Linux を始めとする多くのプラットフォームで動作します。文書の作成やデータの処理のお役に立ちます豊富な機能を備えた6つのアプリケーションWriter、Calc、Impress、Draw、Math、Baseを提供します。


  • This release is bit-for-bit identical to the 4.2.0 Release Candidate 4, so you don’t need to download or reinstall if you have that version already.
  • Mac version doesn’t bundle the mediawiki extension
  • The distribution for Windows is an international build, so you can choose the user interface language that you prefer. Help content is available via an online service, or alternatively as a separate install.
  • Our Windows binaries are digitally signed by The Document Foundation.
  • For Windows users that have installed, we advise uninstalling that beforehand, because it registers the same file type associations.
  • If you run Linux, the GCJ Java variant has known issues with LibreOffice, we advise to e.g. use OpenJDK instead.
  • Some menu entries have changed or added. If you miss something, that may be due to the use of customised menu settings from your previous LibreOffice installation.
  • This version still contains a few annoying bugs, as listed here.