War Rock 21.05.2014のダウンロード



Capture Mode
This great mode brings a whole new level of competition to War Rock!
Capture the vehicle and bring it back to your target point!
Let’s take a closer look at this new mode:
Capture the ATV-C vehicle.
Escort it back to your capture point.
Once everyone leaves the vehicle at the target point, you acquire points!
The ATV-C will then respawn and you can capture it again!
The score board shows you how many points your team has and what is currently happening
to the ATV-C.
The location of the ATV-C is also displayed on the mini map.
Capturing the vehicle gives you 20 points.
Killing an enemy gives you 1 point.
Urban Park
Capture Mode
This new game mode is played on the map “Urban Park”, a map that provides a new challenge for all our
veterans and newcomers alike! The vehicle is placed in an open space, which makes capturing it quite
difficult. Once you have reached the vehicle and successfully entered it, the real challenge starts:
Get to the target point as quickly as possible without losing possession of the vehicle!
This map comes with a great kill event! You can receive great prizes for killing other players so make use
of this event while it lasts! Just defeat your enemies and win great prizes!