Opera 24.0.1534.0 Dev/22.0.1471.70 ダウンロード



  • CHR-2180 [Mac] WP1 support for MP3 decode on OSX
  • CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support in Windows
  • CHR-2588 Update chromium on master to 37.0.2017.2
  • CHR-2604 Initial support for H.264 decoding on OSX
  • CHR-2608 Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage
  • CHR-2615 Use hover color for hovered items
  • DNA-9805 Mailto links modify address bar
  • DNA-17368 StatsService::stats_ contains stats even when statistics.collection_enabled is off
  • DNA-19858 Don’t see on a screenshots
  • DNA-19897 Favicon of search engine is being replaced by default icon after editing its URL
  • DNA-20540 Renderer crash in >extensions::Dispatcher::IdleNotification
  • DNA-20658 Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage
  • DNA-20709 Crash >opera::SlidingToolbarManager::RemoveNotificationDisplay
  • DNA-20787 You cant type in the urlbar if you click ctrl+l/F8 while the download dropdown is visible
  • DNA-20805 No credit card data info in autofill save manager sliding toolbar.
  • DNA-20849 DCHECK fail during passwords import from chrome
  • DNA-20885 Heart menu callout isn’t keyboard accessible
  • DNA-20910 [Windows] Tab peek
  • DNA-20922 Bookmarks importer shows empty if there is a regular URL at the root folder
  • DNA-20928 Extension title should be displayed on extension callout
  • DNA-20956 Lazy loading checkbox is unchecked if turbo enabled
  • DNA-20973 Opera WebUI pages broken on startup
  • DNA-21007 Chromium “Extension Load Error” in extension manager
  • DNA-21019 [Mac] H.264 playback WP1
  • DNA-21064 Password manager reauthentication flag controlled behaviour is reverted
  • DNA-21069 Element dragged out of speeddial’s folder can stay in a wrong location on page