Kdenlive 20.04 ダウンロード


  • Effect groups are back!
  • Rotoscoping: Allow editing rotoscoping points before closing the shape, Shift + double click to add a new point, add/remove points on double click, double click center cross to resize, add horizontal/vertical only resize handles.
  • Colored clips according to type in timeline.
  • Direct drop clips to timeline.
  • Facelift to monitor, project bin, timeline and audio mixer interfaces.
  • Snapping: Disable snapping when pressing shift while dragging, press shift when using Spacer tool to disable snapping.
  • Add menu in track header to switch between single and separate channel audio thumbnails.
  • New Splash Screen.
  • Render Profiles: added new audio profiles FLAC and ALAC, new alpha video profiles VP8, VP9 and MOV and GIF image export profile.




Posted by arkgame