Minerva 4.2.0 のダウンロード


This release adds route configuration to Live Departure Boards.
It adds an applet for 'routines’ to trigger sequences.
It adds an applet for 'mashmode’ to change the house state.
It adds an applet for 'musk’ (user scripts).
It adds a draft of the 'infrastructure’ applet.
It adds a 'house’ example, handling all standard house control tasks.
It adds a back button on the web interface.
It uses AJAX to improve the loading speed of several applets.
It fixes the weather report applet.
A full audit of the RSS applet and feeds has been done.
There is a new set of routines as examples, including one to try and prevent falling asleep on the train.
A 'within’ script has been added


Posted by arkgame